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What our parents say about our Nursery

“My child is happy and thriving at nursery”. 


“Staff and child relationship is fantastic here”.


“The time spent outside is one of the strengths of the nursery”. 


“My child is happy and settled and well looked after. Great progress with social skills”. 


“The relationship, drive and enthusiasm the staff and school environment have, have made my daughter succeed in building her personality back and learn so much”.


“I’m impressed with the speed in which my child settled into the nursery routine and was able to get to grips with time away from us.  I’m also impressed with how he has formed good relationships with staff and seems to be getting on with fellow children”.


“How they supported my son when he started with settling in.  The support was amazing". 


"Making friendships, becoming more independent, increased vocabulary, letter and number recognition”. 


"My child is more chatty and independent". 


“The vocabulary used, so many wonderful things she says that I know we didn’t teach her. Her use of tools too! Love that she has access to things like the glue gun”. 


“Has become more independent, braver during physical play (climbing etc)”. 


“The variety of learning methods and how well prepared he will be when he starts school in September”. 


“She is now talking and communicating with other people. We didn’t see any of this when she was at a previous nursery and childminder”. 


“We love the nursery and were so pleased the extended hours meant we could use of for our youngest”. 


“I really enjoy and value the end of term showcases.   We have moved from a nursery in London and are really pleased with this nursery, lots of outdoor play, independence, cooking, crafts.”


 “Wonderful setting! Couldn’t praise it any higher.  I am in constant awe.  Thank you for everything that you do”.


(All parent quotes were taken from our parent questionnaire July 2023)