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Hungerford Nursery School

Centre for Children and Families

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Nursery School

Outstanding Provision


We want children to be in a safe, caring, stimulating and nurturing environment where they can achieve their potential.

We know and respect the children and their families as individuals, celebrating the richness of diversity and identity.

We offer children an exciting and carefully structured curriculum, which motivates and inspires them to plan and initiate their own learning, as well as participate in activities planned by adults.

We value and nurture children’s curiosity, creativity and desire to make sense of the world, giving time for their thoughts and ideas, and value to their work, their conversations and their feelings.



We believe that learning is a journey, and that a listening, trusting and close relationship with parents/carers will enable there to be continuity.

We believe that parents/carers are skilled and knowledgeable about their children – in partnership we can learn, develop and celebrate together, in order to develop the child to their full potential.

We believe that parents/carers and staff working together will develop a common language and a joint understanding of learning and child development.



We have exceptional staff who are highly qualified.

We know each child as an individual person and create trusting relationships in which learning can take place.

We believe that a close partnership between parent/carers and staff will promote a growing understanding of each individual’s cultural values and beliefs.

We recognise and value children’s competence and capability so that they develop confidence, independence, a positive self-image, resilience, an enquiring mind and a sense of fun.



We provide a well-planned, rich, versatile and motivating environment, which promotes children’s active learning.

We stimulate interest and inquiry through practical, hands-on experiences and opportunities.

We give the children weekly opportunities to go to Boxford woods to learn in a natural environment.

We promote and develop links with the community and grow knowledge of the wider world.

We promote a healthy lifestyle by providing challenging physical activities, a curriculum based outdoors as well as indoors, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks, and giving children knowledge and skills to care for themselves and their bodies.