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Mathematics Curriculum

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Mathematics Development

The EYFS 2017 states:

“Mathematics involves providing children with opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems; and to describe shapes, spaces, and measure.”


Intent of Mathematic Development

We aim to ensure that children have access to a high quality maths curriculum that is challenging, enjoyable and real. That they are provided with variety of mathematical opportunities, which will enable them to make the connections in learning needed to enjoy greater depth in learning. We want to ensure that they can use manipulatives, such as their fingers and representations to engage with mathematical ideas. We want to encourage them to be confident individuals who are not afraid to take risks in their learning.


Implementation of Mathematics Development

  • We provide exciting, active learning environments that build strong foundations for the development of mathematical skills.
  • We provide a range of stimulating resources and shape the learning environment to enhance real life opportunities for developing skills in number, pattern, shape, space and measure.
  • We make the most of moments throughout the day to highlight and use mathematics, seizing chances to reinforce mathematical vocabulary
  • Staff/child interaction extends children’s learning and enhances sustained shared thinking and checks for any misconceptions.
  • In every area of the nursery, throughout the day staff use a range of questions such as those that are open-ended to encourage children to share their ideas, problem solve, explain their thinking, describe things around them and make reasoned evaluations.
  • Our staff plan for and respond to the child’s individual next steps in relation to mathematics in the moment and during weekly planning.
  • Staff ensure there are appropriate resources at all times to challenge, stimulate and motivate children.
  • We carefully select appropriate resources for all our workshops in relation to mathematics ensuring that we have a wide selection of equipment to support their development in this area, for example, balance scales, numerals, Numicon, measuring tools, cooking equipment, shaped cutters etc.  We ensure that there are opportunities for writing to develop children’s ideas in representing number.
  • We ensure that there are examples of environmental numeral print within the environment.

(Please see skills progression in Mathematics in Nursery)