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Nursery School

Bucket Time

Stage 1 Easter Egg.

In this video I am using an wicker Easter egg as the container not a bucket and the toys are on a theme for Easter or perhaps spring. You could use this idea...

Attention Autism Strategies Video 3

Stage 1 the Bucket This is a bit of explanation for parents about what Stage 1, often called the Bucket! This is the first part of the Attention Autism progr...

Attention Autism Strategies Video 5. When things get tricky.

The tricky bits when the children want to have the toys in Attention Autism Stage 1 and get upset or cross. In Stage 1 it is important that the children are ...

Attention Autism strategies Video 6. Using the ideas in the flow of everyday at home.

In this video I talk about ways you might be able to use the things the child has learned in the Attention Autism sessions to build moments of connection at ...