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Being Active and Healthy

This area of the website will introduce your child to new vocabulary around physical movements such as 'crawl', 'balance', 'agile' and 'clamber'. 

Did you know.....


Your child needs at leat 60 minutes a day of active exercise every day.


Being active develops and strengthens bones and muscles. Studies have shown that physical activity helps with mental health as it boosts confidence and self esteem, and reduces anxiety and stress. 


click on the 'physical skills' link above for physical activities that you can do with your child. 



Good oral hygiene can affect your child’s ability to eat, sleep, talk, and play. It’s also important for how they feel about themselves. Tooth decay and gum disease are the most common UK dental problems, but are mostly preventable.

Watch - How to care for the teeth of children aged 0-3 with Dr Ranj and Supertooth!


Moving a baby from a bottle to a cup