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Core books

At Hungerford Nursery School we have chosen specific ‘core books’ which we want our children to know well by the time they leave nursery.


These books are the type of books that can be re-visited again and again, on different levels to support language development. The idea is that children will develop language and increase vocabulary in addition to gaining a love of books and will become very familiar with these known texts so that they can remember and re-tell them. 


Most books are repetitive allowing young children to quickly join in and retell the story in the absence of an adult. Repetition is really important so we ensure we regularly read these stories to the children and they are always available for them to access in our book corner.


Each pod has their own set of 'core books' which you can find below. Linked to each 'core book' is a song that we learn too. 

Pod 1 core books and rhymes


Brown Bear, Brown BearTiny tapping teddy
Dear zoo5 little puppies
Every Little Thing2 little dickie birds
The Gingerbread Man5 gingerbread men in a bakers shop
Happy- first book of emotionIf you're happy and you know it



Pod 2 core books


The Hungry CaterpillarThere's a tiny caterpillar
Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's DairyHow much is that doggy in the window
Baby goes to marketBaby goes to market, what does she buy?
The Gingerbread Man5 gingerbread men in a bakers shop
I'm happyIf you're happy and you know it
Each Peach Pear Plum5 juicy peaches
Shark in the Park1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive
Every Little Thing2 little dicky birds
I'm sadRainbow fish song


Pod 3&4 core books


Owl BabiesMummy finger, mummy finger where are you?
What's in the Witch's Kitchen 
Goldilocks and the Three BearsWhen Goldilocks went to the house of the bears
The Colour MonsterHow do you feel today?
We're Going on a Bear Hunt 
Pink is for boysIf your clothes have any colour...
My World, Your WorldFive little men in a flying saucer
Little Red HenHiggety piggerty my red hen
Ruby's WorryRainbow fish feelings song
The Smartest Giant in town