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Nursery School

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We believe that early education is of crucial importance for young children with disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs and endorse the right of these children to be educated in mainstream school. All staff should expect to teach children with Special Educational Needs and the school educates children from the local community whatever their background or ability.


We welcome children with disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs (referred to hereafter as ‘Special Educational Needs’) and their families. We appreciate their contributions and recognise that they enrich the learning environment for all the children and adults in our school.


All children have the right to learn through play and are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We will strive to overcome actual or potential barriers to learning faced by children to ensure every child is able to play and learn in a way that is appropriate for them. Due to the age of our children, their overall well-being is of primary importance to us.


We are an inclusive school and want all of our children to feel a sense of ‘belonging’. All children are valued individuals with unique interests and strengths. All children should be given opportunities to reach their full potential educationally, emotionally and physically.


Full details of Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children and Families’ Local Offer  provides detailed information about our approach to SEND and also covers the requirement for the SEN information Report.


The SENCO is Suzanne Taylor - Headteacher (

The SEN Governor is Daphne Angell

The SEN Lead is Hannah Harper