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Hungerford Nursery School

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Nursery School


In the main Nursery each class is led by an experienced and highly-qualified Foundation Stage Teacher.  Each Teacher is supported by a qualified Level 3 Nursery Nurse and Level 3 ELKLAN Teaching Assistants.  Both Teachers and Nursery Nurses take the role of keypersons to the child and their family.


In the Pre-Nursery the sessions are supported by a Room Supervisor and Deputy.  Both are qualified Level 3 Nursery Nurses and have qualified ELKLAN Level 3 Teaching Assistants to support them. Both the Nursery Nurses take on the role of keyperson and the Teaching Assistants as co-keypersons to children and their families. This team is supervised by an experienced and highly qualified Foundation Stage Teacher.

Picture 1 Suzanne Taylor- Head of Centre
Picture 2 Nicola Eggbeer- Deputy Head
Picture 3 Katie Maidment- Teacher
Picture 4 Hannah Harper- Teacher and SENCO
Picture 5 Debbie Kenchington- Nursery Nurse
Picture 6 Amelia Beacham- Nursery Nurse
Picture 7 Luan Pennington- Nursery Nurse
Picture 8 Jenny Millis- Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Kelly Maunders- Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Sharon Waterman- Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Tessa Brown- Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Melissa Giles- Nursery Nurse/ EYTC Admin
Picture 13 Lucy Orchard- Pre Nursery Leader
Picture 14 Christine Hutchins- Pre Nursery Deputy
Picture 15 Nicola Tull- Pre Nursery Assistant
Picture 16 Zuzana Joseph- Pre Nursery Assistant
Picture 17 Mia Metcalf- Pre Nursery Assistant
Picture 18 Sara Fenton- Office Manager/ PA
Picture 19 Sarah Scarlett- Finance Officer
Picture 20 Robyn Kirby- Finance Assistant/ Clerk to Governors
Picture 21 Janet Mumcu, Amanda Wood, Gabriela Radu - Kitchen