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Early Years Teaching Centre

Bespoke Training

Our team are happy to work with you to provide support for your school or setting.  We can support schools through NLE and SLE deployments.  We welcome visits to our setting to work with a member of staff.  If there is an area of the curriculum in which you would like support, please contact us.


Our leaders can work with you to identify appropriate strategies or support for your school or setting including any experience we have of dealing with similar challenges.  Bespoke support can take a variety of forms which can include working with you or member of your team on aspects such as:

  • Learning Walks to review your provision, or to learn from other provisions
  • Action planning
  • Identifying priorities and targets
  • Inset days/staff meetings
  • Working with individuals
  • Attachment and emotion coaching
  • Creating positive relationships and behaviour strategies
  • Training for individuals or teams
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Advice on setting up nursery classes
  • Working with 2 year olds


Deployments can vary in length, for example, from a day, to a few days – or much longer, depending on what you need.  The time can be arranged as a single block or spread out across a longer time period.  Our training can vary in length from a one-off workshop or be given over a few weeks/months depending on what you require.


If we can support you in leadership, for example, setting up a nursery class, provide training for staff, one to one work or curriculum development, then please email

Phone: 01488 682628


Feedback:  Head of School reported that “Staff developed skills leading to vulnerable children outcomes now being in line with national expectations.  Monitoring by middle leaders of FS secured good teaching and learning, and being consistent in approach to risks of underachievement interventions.  Ofsted visit (Sept 2016):  Foundation Stage now ‘Good’”.